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Multi-Family Code Violations

Multi-Family Code Violations

Have you been cited for a code violation?

Each structure is developed with a limit in mind of the amount of people that will be in at one time. In addition to the actual size of property, there is a numerical limit on how many people can live in a residence for a number of other factors. More people per home means higher populations and crowding in the area, more wear and tear on the home and the living conditions are not optimal when too many people are in a limited amount of space. A higher number of people also means that there can be an increase for the risk in an accident. To protect the safety and wellbeing of the public, the Department of Buildings has placed a limit on how many people can reside in a home. Some may try to have multiple families live in one residence that was only built with the intention of being used by a single family.

Not only is it uncomfortable for those living in the residence, it is grounds of a town code violation. In the state of New York there estimated to be thousands of families that are sharing homes. While not every instance of multi-family living can warrant a citation, the high number of occurrences has led to a high number of violations being found by the Department of Buildings. Many may turn to sharing a home in an effort to cut the high cost of living, however, this can go against zoning regulations and lead to a violation. Have you been accused of a violation involving multi families? Do not wait to talk to a town code violation lawyer from my firm. Defense is something that you will no doubt need, and I, Harold A. Steuerwald have a lengthy background that has better equipped me to take on the cases of those dealing with violations for town codes.

Contact a town code violation lawyer from the firm if you are facing citation for a multi-family code violation.

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