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Building Code Violations

Suffolk County Building Code Lawyer

Experienced Long Island Code Violation Attorney

Each of the towns and villages on Long Island has its own building code, placing limits on the construction and occupancy of residential and commercial buildings. It can be all too easy to run afoul of these complex rules, incurring significant fines and other potential consequences.

If you have been accused of violating the building code in your municipality, an experienced lawyer may be able to help. I am Harold A. Steuerwald, a Suffolk County building code attorney helping clients throughout Long Island fight tickets for alleged code violations.

Helping Individuals and Businesses Appeal Building Code Tickets

If you have been ticketed and assessed fines after having a structure built on your property, putting an addition on your home, converting a garage or basement into an apartment, or having any other construction work done, you have a right to appeal the ticket in town court.

I frequently represent clients who have been cited by Long Island towns and villages for alleged residential and commercial building code violations, including the following:

  • Construction permit violations
  • Setback requirement violations
  • Building size and height violations
  • Lot area violations
  • Dwelling unit violations

I have previously served as deputy town attorney in Brookhaven and Riverhead and as counsel to several other New York towns and villages. In these positions, I was responsible for enforcing a range of town codes in these municipalities, including their building codes.

Now, in my private practice, I use this experience to protect the rights and interests of individual and business clients that have been charged with building code violations.

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If you have been ticketed for a building code violation, you do not have to just pay the fine and accept the consequences. You may be able to appeal the ticket and contest the claims. To learn more, contact my office at 631-286-0800.

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