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Commercial litigation
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Town Code Violations Commercial Litigation

Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Suffolk County Landlord-Tenant Dispute Lawyer

Long Island Attorney for Lease Violations and Breaches

Both landlords and tenants have a great deal at stake in lease disputes. Landlords generally rely on rent from their tenants to pay their mortgages, taxes and other obligations. Tenants who are involved in disputes with their landlords could be forced to move from their homes. When negotiations are unsuccessful, you need a landlord-tenant attorney who can litigate the matter for you.

I am Harold A. Steuerwald, a Suffolk County landlord-tenant dispute attorney serving clients throughout Long Island. If you are involved in a dispute with your landlord or tenant that you have not been able to resolve on your own, I can help you protect your rights and interests.

Litigating Cases on Behalf of Landlords and Tenants

I have been practicing real estate law on Long Island for more than 20 years. I understand how New York laws affect disputes between landlords and tenants, and I am familiar with the applicable procedures for evictions and other landlord-tenant remedies.

As an experienced trial lawyer, I am prepared to go to court if negotiations fail. I represent residential and commercial landlords and tenants in all types of disputes, including the following:

  • Eviction notices (notices to quit, notices of default and notices of termination)
  • Breach of lease
  • Eviction actions
  • Non-payment and holdover proceedings
  • Lease violation claims
  • Damage to property disputes
  • Wrongful evictions

The law has many protections in place for tenants, especially with respect to residential real estate. These protections include notice periods and other strict procedural requirements. I am experienced at guiding both landlords and tenants through the litigation process.

Call 631-286-0800 to Discuss How I Can Help

If you need representation in an eviction matter or any other type of landlord-tenant dispute, I can offer thorough and diligent legal advocacy based on extensive knowledge and experience. To schedule a free consultation, please contact my Suffolk County office at 631-286-0800.

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