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Mechanic’s Liens

Suffolk County Mechanic's Lien Lawyer

Experienced Long Island Property Lien Attorney

If you have done construction work for which you have not been paid, New York law offers you a powerful debt collection tool: the mechanic's lien. An experienced lawyer can help you pursue the payment you deserve by placing and enforcing a mechanic's lien on your behalf.

I am Harold A. Steuerwald, a Suffolk County mechanic's lien attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience. Based in Bellport, I handle mechanic's lien cases on behalf of contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and laborers in Suffolk County and throughout Long Island.

Helping Clients File and Enforce Construction Liens

Under New York's mechanic's lien law, if you have performed or supplied materials for construction work or landscaping on a piece of property and were not paid the amount promised, you can file a mechanic's lien at the county clerk's office in order for it to become attached to the title of the property.

Once a mechanic's lien has been placed on a piece of property, the owner cannot transfer the property or obtain financing on it until the payment dispute is resolved.

I can help you secure a mechanic's lien, and if you are still unable to obtain payment from the property owner after filing the lien, I can help you seek enforcement of the lien by initiating a court proceeding to have the property sold to pay for the materials and services provided.

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With so many parties involved in a construction project, it is not uncommon for contractors, subcontractors, developers and property owners to become involved in disputes. If you have become involved in a dispute over non-payment of construction services or goods — either as the party interested in filing a mechanic's lien or the party responsible for payment — I can vigorously pursue the most favorable result on your behalf.

Mechanic's liens offer strong protection to those who have not been paid for their work, but navigating the process correctly requires careful attention. To discuss how I can help, please contact my Suffolk County office at 631-286-0800.

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